Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day 4: far & near

Day 4/28: far & near

Today is our first Two for Tuesday of the month! If you are new to the challenge, Two for Tuesdays are a day when we give you TWO prompts instead of one. You can do one piece based on both, two pieces (one for each) or one piece for one! We’re super freeform about it!

Far and near, close and distant. It can be the distance between two people, an item close up then far away, something just out of reach. The separation can be palpable, or more subtle.

Brittany’s Far & Near
Tynan’s Far & Near

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  1. far and near
    by clarissa mcfairy

    I am far-sighted
    in more ways than one,
    seeing beyond
    the crystal ball
    of my imagination

    but my binocularity
    when I looked at the sea
    and saw no waves
    except your thoughts

    on moonbeams
    from afar ~
    over the water,
    to where I sat ~

    yet close as a kiss
    or sigh on the breeze ~
    who needs a message
    in a bottle
    when love is transmitted

    via moonbeam