Friday, February 1, 2013

The Challenge Begins: Day 1

AHMAHGAH IT STARTS TODAY. (We'd post an excited gif here but we have so many things to do!)

Today’s theme is “Something Forgotten”. When we were coming up with the themes, we made two lists, compared them, and then removed things we didn’t feel fit as well. On one list, we had “abandoned”, and on the other we had “Something Forgotten”. They're pretty similar so we chose "something forgotten". 

TYNAN: For me, this is anything that’s alone, that gives the feeling of silence and abandonment. This could range from an overrun abandoned factory, to an empty marina in the winter. Or, even, a bike that’s been tipped over and left on the ground. Something that has been left behind, leaving no trace of human presence aside from that one object.

Tynan's something forgotten

BRITTANY: What I love is how differently all of these prompts can be interpreted (does that sound vain? a little? oh, well, I'm proud of our prompts). As soon as I sat down to think about the prompt I thought of people I'd forgotten, people that have "been left behind, leaving no trace of [my] presence". And because I am fairly vain, that led me to think about people who've probably forgotten me. People who left me behind. And that made me all teary. But, HEY, I made something.

Brittany's something forgotten

Now how about showing us what YOU came up with, and linking it below!

And travel to the Tumblr feed  to check out some great ones that haven't been linked here.



  2. Here's mine, it's an example of the short pseudo-poems I've been writing lately, but with more direction than what I usually write.

  3. James-Oooo, I like it. Very Twilight Zone.

    Tina-I saw yours this morning and liked it! I love "who am I" questions.

  4. AY



    Looking forward to seeing everyone else's when I finish unpacking!


  6. Here's mine! It's late, but I still did one!

  7. It's still today on the West Coast, and I've met people from there.


  9. No, I really regret that I don't have time to read all of the above and will try to read at least three a day, always different three :-)

    Here is my first piece of art, it's poetry:

  10. Here's my day 1. Sorry it's so late, but I haven't been on the computer in a couple of days.

    It's a wire ring that is supposed to look like a string tied around your finger to remember something... but then you can't ever remember what you're supposed to remember.

  11. Here's my day 1, two days late. But hey, better late than never!