Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Day 18: lull & storm

Day 18/28: lull & storm

((TWO FOR TUESDAY));; There’s always a lull that settles over the earth before a storm. The wind isn’t blowing, the birds have all hidden themselves away, where everything is quiet. It’s peaceful, almost, a deep breath before the wave crashes down over the world.

If you’ve ever been by the ocean before a storm, with the cloud lingering on the horizon, the smell actually changes. Everything sort of becomes sharp, and while the only thing you can hear is the soft lapping of the ocean against the rocks, the smell of the ocean, the crisp freshness of it, becomes clearer to your senses.

And then the storm crashes around you. Maybe you were expecting it, maybe you weren’t. Maybe you board up the windows and weather it like you always do. Maybe you’re so caught off guard that the glass shatters as the wind whips around your house, blowing everything precious to you around. It had the strength to knock over trees, to obliterate whatever is in it’s way.

Storms can be hard, but sometimes, the lull—waiting for the storm itself, when you know it’s coming—is the hardest part.

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