Friday, February 14, 2014

Day 14: Nomads

Day 14/28: nomads

OH IS TODAY VALENTINE'S DAY TOO BAD CAUSE THE PROMPT IS NOMADS. Nomads travel, usually in a group, where the the food (or the money or the safety) is. They wander from place to place, never settling on a physical home but a metaphysical one within their group. It was no easy like in humanity's early days and it's no easy life now.

Nomads nowadays are either romanticized or spit upon. But, I mean, if we look at it backwards we're all nomads in a way. Many of us who have steady homes still have wandering minds. And, okay, fine, if you want to do a Valentine's themed creation go ahead. xoxo

Brittany's nomad
Tynan's nomad


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