Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Introductions: Brittany


Like Tynan pointed out, you probably got a feel for us through the giveaways, but we figured we’d go ahead with some good, old fashioned intros.

Name’s Brittany. I’m still looking for a grant to spend all day making sassy faces at people (for those of you with us last year) but since that hasn’t come through, here I am.

Fun (vain?) fact, I recently had a play, paper backs, produced by Sundown Collaborative Theatre (some info HERE). I’ve worked with Sundown as an actor before. Sundown Collaborative believes in incorporating all art forms in their theatre and productions and it was the perfect melting pot for me to learn the importance of all types of creation.

I primarily identify as a writer but last year (some of last year’s works are in that link) I dabbled in photography and painting as well. I hope to do the same and broaden my scope and understanding of different art forms as I continue.

We began this challenge as a way to come to the creative table every , no matter what, inspired or no, ready or not. And I could definitely use that accountability right now.

If you have any questions for me at all you can ask them here or at feelingfickle (where I’ll be posting my works again this year).


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