Thursday, February 28, 2013

What now?

so how do you go on from 28 to Create?

Well, our instinct is to say keep creating. Or start refining.

If you have any pieces you feel particularly drawn to or proud of this month, pull them back out. Work on them some more. Realize you'll never be satisfied. Put it away. Bring it back out. Realize even if you'll never be satisfied, it's pretty damn good. Work on it some more. Then submit it to a magazine or a competition or a theatre or put it up for sale or paste it on your wall.

Now, if you want to keep creating as well, we suggest checking out this thing called March Mania. One of the participators in 28 to Create decided she wanted to keep going and created March Mania just for that purpose. The prompt ideas we've seen are great AND it's a little less time-restrictive than 28 to Create.

Whatever you do, keep being amazing and ART AWAY.

We love you all.

Brittany and Tynan


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