Friday, February 8, 2013

Day 8

si·lence [sahy-luhns] noun

1.   absence of any sound or noise; stillness.
2.   the state or fact of being silent; muteness.
3.   absence or omission of mention, comment, or expressed concern: the conspicuous silence of our newspapers on local graft.
4.   the state of being forgotten; oblivion: in the news again after years of silence.
5.   concealment; secrecy.

Today's prompt is beautiful to me: silence. The word itself can prompt many feelings from you, depending on what it means to you, what it represents.  A literal silence, the absence of sound; a stillness that surrounds you as you walk through the woods alone. 

As you create today, think about what the word means, about what feelings it invokes in you, or about the different types of silences (the break-up silence vs the easy silence, etc) that fill our lives. 

(yay for Tynan's first prompt writing? hope I didn't suck too bad << )




  3. Silence...

  4. Experimenting with photography. I think what I'm doing is called "picture-taking," though. Late, but here!

  5. Danielle? What is the distinction in your mind between "photography" and "picture-taking?" Our photography teacher never put a clear distinction on them, so we sort of each formed our own. I suppose for me it's that picture-taking is un-set, un-promted and unplanned. Where the control of set lighting and portraiture would be photography. I suppose it's a given that any application of shoot makeup is hard-and-fast photography.

    The reason I ask is you sound like picture taking isn't quite on the level of Photography for you. But I wonder whether that's strictly how they should rank. As much as there's grandness in presenting a subject with forms and tropes to match the subject, I have a personal preferences for the happy accidents of approaching an unplanned capture from a new angle.

    BUt maybe I'm way out f date on the distinction. Last time I studied with a master, we were still using T-Max film and printing on Vary-Max Paper. The Age of Chemistry. Photoshop 3 was out—3 not CS3—and irrelevant to the coursework. So I'm WAY out of date with the concepts! Just as a matter of interest. If it's not an interest, feel free to skip this and just know I like the shots you got! :-)

    1. I guess photography and "picture-taking" has a distinction for me merely because Photography is an art form, while random pics taken with an iPhone seems a little less like art. You could be super philosophical and be all, "But how do you DEFINE art??" But what I meant to say in this case is that Photography is picture-taking with the deliberate intent of presenting an idea (which, by the way, is what I think art is: the presentation of an idea, no matter the media - retro or not haha). Whereas my iPhone pics I used for this piece were taken sort of spur-of-the-moment, with a context ("silence") overlaid onto them later.

      Also, I was kind of just being flippant about my piece for this prompt, since I don't technically consider myself a "photographer," and have absolutely no training in it, etc. So it was a humorous disclaimer. But thanks for the question! It made me think about what I meant. :-)