Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day 5: Two for Tuesday

Hey, everyone! At this point I'm sure you're all wondering what "Two for Tuesday" is. (Except for soulmary who has seen the concept from where we stole it: Robert Lee Brewer's August/November Poem a Day Challenges)

Does Two for Tuesday mean I have to come up with TWO things today? God, no. Basically, we provide you with two prompts or words and you can either:
a) create one piece based on the prompt you like best
b) create two pieces for each
c) create one piece exploring each

We decided to go with opposing forces on all of our Two for Tuesdays, so today our Two for Tuesday are division and unity.

Each of these concepts have been viewed as good AND bad things by many different people. Do you have a natural bias towards one? Maybe explore that OR the other in your piece today. No go get creating.

Tynan's piece
Brittany's piece


  1. A wonderful prompt :-)
    Here is my piece of personal bitter experience:

  2. I was not expecting this piece to get as intense as it did...


  3. Really good to see so many people putting genuine unf into these. It's making it quite a treat to check in and see what's new every day. Best part is it's rarely what one imagines it will be. Eager to see what's coming next.


  4. (Finally got it to take a comment using a LiveJournal ID.) {Do those even still exist??}

  5. Posting a little late, yet again. But it still counts, right!?? Warning: Nudity.


  6. Not particularly thrilled with myself, but it is late and I have very little time to do anything lately and I wanted to at least do one of these things this week.

  7. http://qcumblr.tumblr.com/post/42420349180/28-to-create-division-and-unity

    Just trying to crank it out

  8. http://inklingofawriter.tumblr.com/post/42449790651/28-to-create-day-5-division