Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 3

Running a little late today from accidentally sleeping in so my apologies on that.

Today's prompt is "blurred". Blurred pictures, blurry eyes, blurred lines. Nothing in life is too clear so let's embrace that and create.

Tynan's blurred
Brittany's blurred

Don't forget to link us to your work if you have a chance! Most people on Tumblr tend to just tag "28 to Create" so if you wanna check out more work and are unsure where it is gooooo here.


  1. This one is a tad short, but it is straight to the point, I think.

  2. Third piece for 28 to Create! FINALLY posted on the day it's supposed to be for! Heh. The prompt was "Blurred," so I experimented with watercolor and movement. And dizziness.


  4. Two haikus, and I'm all caught up!

  5. Well, for the first time I decided to take a photo. With my phone, of course, I don't aspire to heights. The "blurred" prompt is just too visual to evade that. But then, after I posted the photo on Tumblr, it asked for a caption. I wrote one and then I discovered it was a haiku :-) Go figure

  6. Here's mine, a couple days late LOL