Sunday, February 24, 2013

DAY 24

Alright! Today we're bringing back the idea of basing your art on someone else's.

side note, I think last time we mentioned this I called it "exquisite corpse" which is NOT true. Exquisite corpse is a form of it in a way but this idea originated as echo poems, where one person writes a stanza and the next person writes a stanza that is a reply to the previous one. Basically. (A great director named Tashina Richardson introduced me to all these surrealist techniques and they are super interesting. Go wikipedia them.)

Anyways, so what we're doing today is a type of echo art. Go find a piece (or pieces) by other people participating in the challenge. Find one that inspires you to create something else. And do it. Maybe a drawing makes you want to write dialogue or vice verse. Maybe you want to film a story or write a song using a poem as lyrics. Whatever you like, do it.

Make sure to share the original artist's work (I'd suggest linking to it in your post) to us as well!

Tynan's echo one
Brittany's echo 2


  1. I want to do more, because there've been a LOT of good stuff! But here's at least one:

  2. Searching....but I feel like I've been at my computer all day trying to catch up! I mean one of my pieces (paradise lost) was a straight up rip from Danielle's paradise lost. I actually almost usually look at everyone's post first before creating anyway. If only I could have a folder to thumb through....cause my body is done clicking and scrolling through this site. BUT I WANNA DO ONE AND MAKE IT REALLY AWESOME UGH.
    we'll see. ONLY ONE MORE DAY LEFT.

  3. I picked at random. It is short. And not very good. But I desperately want to be caught up since tomorrow is the last day.