Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DAY 13

Well, I'm still posting from restaurants and I WILL CONTINUE UNTIL I GET INTERNET OR THE CHALLENGE ENDs. Because I am dedicated, y'all. Yeah, I said y'all. I'm a Texan. Don't say anything catty about it or I'll run you over with my horse.

Today's prompt is "catch me". We felt it was particularly fitting after yesterday's "flying/falling" duo. And although there's an obvious "catch me while I'm falling" interpretation we'd also suggest someone catching someone else doing something. You know, like, "he caught me watching I Love New York and broke up with me. The day before Valentine's." Or something like that. Whatever. Not like we've had that experience.

We've also thrown in a video down at the bottom that talks a bit about inner critics. Worth checking out. Especially near the middle of the month. 


  1. Can I just say I love that 28 to create is the length of one average menstrual cycle?

  2. Here's my catch!

    Sometimes I feel like I don't stick to the prompts so well.