Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Introductions: Brittany

Hey, all you artisty types! Tynan and I decided we should officially introduce ourselves before this thing takes off so here goes.

My name's Brittany. Pretty simple. The "s" key on my computer is broken so I just CTRL+C and CTRL+V when I need a little "s". I like peanut butter. I wish someone would pay me to play kazoo and make sassy faces at people who say dumb things.

I'm a theatre person and while I was working with Sundown Collaborative Theatre I discovered my deep-seated obsession with incorporating other art forms into performance. The awesome artists I worked with fed my love of visual art, music and writing as well and now I'm stuck in Artland (that's a stupid name, anyone have a better name?)

I'm hoping this challenge will free me up creatively. I've been editing and revising a lot of my writing recently which means I'm more focused on marking through my work than making more of it. I want to be open to just making more art this challenge. Even if it's terrible. Just letting it out and moving on, instead of cutting my creativity off at the roots (which I tend to do in "revision mode").

I especially hope this challenge creates a small community of artists who share their work and support each other through the month.

I'll be working in...well, mainly everything. I might write some blogs or poems. I REALLY wanna try some photography and I'm going to pull my paints out so we'll just see where it goes!

And I'll be posting at my Tumblr. You'll get a link every day to my piece-of-the-day, of course. But they'll all be on there.

I'm so excited and thanks for joining us!


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