Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Little Clarification about 28 to Create

We’ve received a few emails and comments from people who are really excited about the challenge but worry they will not make the day to day posts because of all the time that goes into creating even one piece of work.

Now this is true. We know it. And we’d say (and are saying) “hey, even if you only participate one day, that’s something great!”

But the main point of this challenge is bringing you to the table (or the desk or the easel or the barre or the camera or the whatever) every day, feeling inspired or not. Because some days our muse doesn’t show up and we have to push through it anyway.

We’re not expecting something ready to hang at the Met or publish every day. We’re probably not gonna be able to provide a beautifully polished piece of work every week. And that’s okay. This isn’t about making your best work ever, it’s about MAKING at all. Creative people are the worst at getting down about their talent or time and then coming up with excuses to stop creating (we can say that because we’ve done it). This is taking away that excuse.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to be NEAR perfect. We just want to see you walk up to your art every day this coming month and say “You might suck today. But I’m here anyway.”
Now if you create something this month and then decide to go back and perfect it, well that’s even better.

We also suggest watching this video before the challenge begins:



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